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  1. Still good! No issues since latest FW update, using spiral color pattern, 1000Hz polling rate.
  2. Maybe... so far so good... *knock on wood* I haven't used it heavily since updating. If I don't experience any issues over the next week I'll be more optimistic!
  3. I'm willing to try the new fw update. I'll report back after a day or two...
  4. I would return it. You can greatly reduce (but not eliminate) the incidents by using solid color instead of animation, and sticking with 1000 Hz polling rate. But If I were you and within the return window, I'd definitely just return it. This problem has been around for a while now with no indication that a fix is coming.
  5. IMO it's either a hardware design flaw in the keyboard, or a firmware problem. But this is beyond ridiculous that the issue has existed this long without being fixed. They either do not want to, or cannot, fix the root problem. Changing from color animation to solid color reduces the issue to near zero, but that is just a workaround and not a viable solution. Support, at most, will send us a new keyboard. They did this for me, but the problem of course is still present. This issue needs to be escalated to engineering/development. ( @Corsair Art do you know if that has been done? )
  6. Yep! That was my point, even though I didn't say it directly. The troubleshooting steps are pointless because there is a hardware or firmware flaw. At most you'll be able to convince tech support to send you a new keyboard, but it doesn't change anything. There is nothing tech support can do. Engineering is hopefully working on a firmware fix, but it's been so long I'm afraid it's something that cannot be fixed with a firmware upgrade.
  7. I went through all troubleshooting steps until they said the keyboard needs to be replaced. They sent me a new keyboard but it has the same problem. Same story as many people here in this thread. Either it's an inherent hardware design defect, or a firmware defect. If it's the latter there's at least hope they will release a firmware update that finally addresses the problem. But we've been waiting a loooong time.
  8. Mine has been stable since I switched the LED animation to a solid color. But we shouldn't have to do that!
  9. I shouldn't have jinxed it by saying that.... The problem happened to me twice yesterday. Both times I was adjusting volume using the keyboard roller. Ugh.
  10. Judging from some recent posts, it doesn't sound like it. But my personal experience is that the problems are gone with the latest firmware. Maybe it's a matter of time before I experience it again....
  11. Just an update on my experience. It's been several days and I don't have any issues with the new firmware. Not sure if it matters, but I am using the default 1kHz polling rate.
  12. So far no disconnects for me, either. After updating firmware I undid the previous workaround of setting a solid/static color. I've been back to rainbow animation for several hours. So far so good, but we'll see......
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