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  1. @mkriese nice upgrade man! i upgraded mine to an i9-10850k from an i7-7700k. i also upgraded my 1080 to a 3070. since then however i ordered a gigabyte 3080 turbo to upgrade it because i wasn't getting the frames that i wanted with the 3070. @EchoSierranice cpu upgrade! just wondering, what are your temps like for your 10th gen i7? for my 10850k i'm using the same aio that came with my 2017 corsair one and it's hitting upwards of 95 c under load. it idles around 30-45 c tho. i'm wondering if this is normal or if i should look into this further. i also upgraded the top fan to an ml140 and its still extremely high in temps and loud. thanks!
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