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  1. I don't know if this is related to the issue but if u hold Caps the RGB starts to stutter
  2. I played around with the profiles and none of them have unwanted makros Kreating and deleting works
  3. I just had it freez on me and 2 min later icue crashed I hope these can somewhat help If those are the wrong ones just tell me i´m still trying to figure out what is what Freez-log.pdf crash_log.pdf
  4. So i haven´t frozen up today and yesterday but it went dark and rebooted I am on Icue 4.32.129 now The "Update Failed" Issue persists Log_13_01_23.pdf
  5. Where do i find these log files I could provide mine to (if i find them)
  6. I have the Stream Deck software installed cause i wanted to use it with the G-Keys I don´t own a Streamdeck The Software was closed the last time the freezing happend
  7. The left mousbutton on my m65 Ultra Rgb just got lose after 2 weeks of use. I can shove and twist it in all the directions I want. The Right mouse button is still fine. Shall I send it back to amazon or rma it with Corsair?
  8. I have the same random freezing Problem It started happening after the last Software Update Keyboarde Software is 1.11.39
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