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  1. best part is mine will now do that flickering constantly on boot up for like a hour, then stops, then as the day goes on the bottom starts to flicker, best part is corsair dont seem to care about fixing this issue as clearly a software issue
  2. as title says, been trying to fix a rather annoying flicker on the lcd screen of my h150i which is still not fixed, i re installed icue and its somehow made everything worse to where my icue will stop working for no reason and i have to reload it for it work again, it crashes at random which is getting annoying quickly as losing access to the 12 buttons on my mouse mid fight in many games at the moment like world of warcraft is incredibly inconvient, is there a fix for this? ive tried basically everything here and before i get the default corsair response of "power down and up" it did nothing.
  3. honestly ive tried reinstalling and doing everything i can to fix this and ironically its gotten worse my icue is now crashing randomly and then disabling my mouse macros which is really messing with me mid fight!
  4. Having similar issues bottom of the lcd screen just keep flickering, only randomly started happening and when tried to update firmware done nothing to fix it, hopefully fixed soon!
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