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  1. Not to mention that everything else works fine. Only iCUE what not works at all. Kinda weird then, isn't it?
  2. Not at all actually. Using other equalizers just as fine without any problems.
  3. After updated iCUE still not working. Thanks a bunch Corsair, switching to another company i guess.
  4. I rather wait until Corsair decide to update (or make better things). Found a better alternative the meanwhile than iCUE. Thanks anyway.
  5. Well, seeing corsair breaks after just an update makes me not to buy any corsair product ever again. Bought my headphones 5 months ago as first ever corsair product but i'm already regreting it. The software is just even worse, it's good if it's even starts after i clicked on it 10 times. This company is disappointing not gonna lie.
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