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  1. Hi LeDoyen Many thanks for your response and I quite see what you mean and I do have a few extensions here that would do the job. But a quick question if I may. If people are moving away from SATA what the hell are they using? I've not heard of any new protocol coming onto the market, at least not that I recall. So what storage are they using??? Tracey
  2. Hi I am looking into how I can upgrade my PC but to do so I need to know something about the cables Corsair distribute with their power supplies. Some months ago I updated my husbands PC and in doing so I changed the power supply (a Corsair CX650M) for a Corsair RM650 (we thought the CX650M had died) but had trouble trying to connect the SATA cables to the SSDs. This was because of the way the SSDs were mounted on the case I was using (a Corsair Carbide 275R). The problem was that the SATA connectors were mounted on the cable with no more than 100mm separation and I needed around 140mm, preferably a bit more. As a result I had to move them to an alternative position but it was still a bit of a struggle. Nevertheless I managed. As a result of the above I am being very careful in what I do for my own PC. So my question is: does Corsair have cables where the separation of the SATA cables is in the region of 140mm to 150mm? Or should I find another power supply maker who DOES give us the separation needed to fit the SATA connectors to SSDs? I would appreciate it if anyone could help in this matter as I guess that it is likely to affect all of us in due course unless they give us more separation between SATA connectors. Tracey
  3. Thanks c-attack. Just the info needed. Much obliged. Tracey
  4. Hi I was in the process of sorting out a gaming upgrade from a desktop PC to a gaming PC for my husband when I ran into a problem re cooling. At present my husband has a single fan water cooler which works very well but I've no idea what brand or model it is - very remiss of me I know but there you go. Firstly I should say that he is NOT interested in overclocking which will cut down on the heat generated by the CPU (planning to get an i7 9700k). What I am looking for is a budget solution which would fit his case preferably water cooled. It is my belief that a Corsair H80i v2 would be capable of handling the proposed CPU. Alternatively, is there another single fan water cooler that would do the job baring in mind that overclocking will not be used? I should also add that the case he has at present is an Antec One which only has single fan outlets - it has no double or triple fan outlets!!! Any help on sorting out what may work would be most useful and helpful. Thanks. Tracey PS I myself currently have a Corsair H80i v1 and can vouch for the efficiency of the cooler with an i5 4690K (not overclocked) used as a simple desktop machine.
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