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  1. Hi, So after completing the build that I have been working on I had ran into an issue. My H150i RGB Pro XT is running fine but isnt showing up in iCUE when connected to the commander pro usb. My HX750i is also not showing in iCUE when connected to the commander pro usb. Both of them are working properly I just am unable to adjust them in iCUE as I am suppose to. The commander pro is working properly as well as I have 6 ll120 fans connected to it and am able to adjust the speed and rgb colors. I have updated everything that I can with iCUE and still neither of them show. If it helps I have an Asus Prime x570-pro mobo with only one usb connected to the mobo (the one being the commander pro). I thought that I could use the usb ports on the commander pro to plug in my H150i aio and my HX750i psu?
  2. Hi, I also have the 500d se. It comes with a commander pro and am rgb led hub(6 port)
  3. Hi, I finally got it all built. But in icue the hx750i and h150i rgb xt don't show up. I'm not sure what to do. Please help. I tried reinstalling icue and it didn't work. Is it something having to do with them being connected via the commander pro usb? Mobo is x570-pro if that helps
  4. Thanks so much for the help! My first build is going well so far thanks to the help I have gotten on here. I do have another question that pertains to that diagram. Where do I plug the USB 2.0 for my HX750i and my h150i pro xt? I have the commander pro plugged into one port on the mobo and then have the h150i pro xt usb plugged into. Then I plan to plug the USB from the HX750i into the commander pro as well. Should I do it this way? Will it work? Or should I plug at least one of them into the mobo? Which one if so?
  5. Thanks! And both actually. I understand about the lighting more than the fan speed. I get it now because of the fans having different RPMs you don't want them on the same header as it could cause issues.
  6. That makes sense for the lighting. As for the fan speed I am rather new to pc building(this is my first pc build) and I do not quite understand about the PWM header. Could you explain? I have an Asus x570-pro if that helps to explain. Sorry am just trying to be certain I understand. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a 500D SE case that came with 3 ll120 fans. Can I run an additional set of ll120s but in the white version on the same commander pro as the ones that came with the case?
  8. Yes, thank you that helps a lot. What about airflow for that serup is it too much intake? Are the white ll120s compatible with the black ll120s when you have them on the same commander pro?
  9. So the ml120s would plug into the H150i and the 6 ll120s into the commander pro? Could I plug the H150i into the commander pro USB? And the HX750i? Would the fans still be able to sync rgb? What about air pressure? Would the 3 ll120s and 3 ml120s as intake up front, and the top 2 ll120s and the 1 rear ll120 to be alright?
  10. Well I had seen that diagram just didn't know if in that diagram I am leaving the fans on that come on the H150i RGB Pro XT, as they are different fans. The ones on the H150i are ML120 and the others in the case and extra I have are LL120. Do they all need to be the same? Was gonna do a push/pull config on the front. Is that possible with the fans types?
  11. Hi, I am doing my first pc build and had a questions about my wiring and rgb. I have a Corsair 500D SE case(with 3 included ll120s), a H150i RGB Pro XT, an additional ll120s 3-pack, and a HX750i. How would I go about connecting it all. I have looked at the diagrams and not sure which is closest to what I should do or what, if anything I might additionally need.
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