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  1. Update: I swapped over to the other version and was fiddling around and felt like system was running a couple degrees warmer than it should, so checked iCue. NOTHING was in there except the voltages and they were reporting 0. As I was watching it, noticed the fans and pump came back one time shortly after, fans reporting 900ish RPM while the pump was 0, then poofed again. Presuming that when it does this, it lowers the the speed at which they're running. Basing this off of my hunch that something was up seeing my temps a bit higher and the fact that my fans didn't sound as loud as normal. I've come up with a theory on what's causing it and going to test it out. I have a profile for the desktop and profile for games and sometimes I swap back and forth between the 2 A LOT. And at times, probably like game > desk > game before the software has a chance to fully adjust stuff. Thinking maybe that could be why? Going to reboot and just use a single profile for a day or so and see. EDIT: Nope! Not even an two hours later, sensors missing along with #5 fan and #6 pump and the voltages are mixed up. Don't even have the portable HWiNFO running.
  2. Ahhhhh! I did read you suggest getting the "Portable Version", but had just figured if I unloaded this one, it wouldn't matter cause it wasn't loaded. Didn't sink in when I read the part about the driver. I'll definitely swap and see. Apologies for making you repeat yourself. :( But good to read about AB. Hadn't heard of it conflicting, but I figured I'd unload any/everything I could think of that might have been causing it.
  3. So, today it started removing all sensors, mixing up the voltages and then removing a fan and the pump. I closed HWiNFO and ended all things related to iCue and restarted it and it re-recognized everything. Little bit later, same thing. Closed Afterburner (forget I actually have it open for OSD and G13 stats) and a little bit later, same thing. I'm not sure what else I could have that could be conflicting with it to cause the hardware dropping from iCue.
  4. Yeah, got the wooshing went down to like 3600 and still had it. Will toy with it a bit more later for sure. And honestly I could live with the water sound, it just scared the living crap out of me coming out of no where. Like I said, did seem to majorly chill out a bit after intentionally running it at that speed for a minute or two. But the bubbles...ohhhhh the bubbles! Well, maybe not necessarily "bubbles", but you get what I'm talking about. heh Also can't forget the little spinner on the GPU actually spinning. That's super duper important, facing down towards my power supply and only visible if I stand on my head. Plus I mean...it spinning now? Temperatures gonna drop sooo much now! /sarcasm :laughing: Anyways, thanks again for your help! And I'll do a bit more fiddling per your suggestion.
  5. Was using 3.24.52. Forgot to check for that update when I checked for the firmware updates for the PROs. Just updated to the latest, 3.25.60. As for the speeds, even after awhile of having it at 5000 RPMs, I didn't mind it. The initial "leaky faucet" sound went away. I actually like looking in and seeing all the liquid movement and the sound after awhile was pretty much non existent, or at least, wasn't noticeable over the fans and stuff. Just glad to now know I almost had a heart attack over nothing. :laughing:
  6. Simple search, if not recollection (if you read it), I spazzed out over the coil whine from the GPU when I installed the water block too. I never experienced that before, even though it's apparently common with fan cooled too. Just didn't hear it this time because of the XT's airplane engines it had on it from stock. So thanks yet once again for your assistance!
  7. Ok. I just made one and put it to the max it had (5000 RPMs) and set the pump to it. THAT is DEFINITELY the sound I heard. So I guess when it was playing hide and seek with iCue, when it was coming back in, it was displaying the incorrect RPMs and running faster than the profile was set to. Like I said, my system temps were no different than normal (55ish C), so no reason for anything to try to run the pump faster as a cooling solution. Honestly I thought that 2400ish (I think?) I've seen it do, was the highest. Kinda a bit more set at ease here now knowing that and feel dumb posting. But guess I should try to figure out what caused the game of hide and seek and for it to run faster than I have ever heard. Side note: Having this run at higher RPMs and actually seeing some movement, is what I was originally looking forward to and thought I'd see. But, never did with it running at 2000ish RPMs. So thanks for that! But can definitely do with out it all of a sudden sounding like I have a leaky faucet in my PC case. lol
  8. Heh, I know it should make a noticeable difference between RPMs. I'm stating it NEVER has. I can swap between the presets and honestly couldn't tell the difference between one or the other. Why when it started making a sound tonight, I got worried. I'll toy with that as suggested and see if I can produce it by revving it all the way up. IIRC, when it'd start making the noise and show back up in iCue, it was doing no more than the 2000ish that the preset does. So not like it was doing 3000 RPMs or something - or at least, iCue wasn't reporting it correctly then if it was. All I do know for sure is that I've NEVER heard that before and I have my PC on upwards of 18 hours a day some days and am on it between work and play for a majority of it. I did notice a while back, the voltage readings for the commander pro disappear and reappear like the pump did tonight. Or go from reading 12/5/3 to 0/0/0 - honestly don't recall which it was or maybe both? Wanna say the latter for sure though, since I'm vaguely recalling that as an issue. And IIRC, the pump has done this once or twice before, but never accompanied by what sounded like it was leaking and doing it's own version of a "whine". Or maybe it was a fan or two. I wanna say I've had the 4 sensors not show up neither. I honestly don't remember. Just know I've had something else besides the CP issue happen and rebooting made them stop poofing, or so I think it did. I just figured software glitch and didn't worry about it. Honestly, for all I know it could happen more often than I've seen. I've only had the iCue software open all night since it happened because it happened. And the other times I noticed it, because I was fiddling around with RGB at the time. I do have HWiNFO running. And yes, I do mean it was only showing "5" things connected and not "6". 1-5 being fans, with 4 being 2 piggy backed (read that as ok, hope it is) and 6 being the pump with the GPU/CPU blocks piggy backed. Other than the full Hydro X setup, 6 LL fans and 4 strips, I have no other Corsair products. Only what's IN my case.
  9. Also wanna note, during the 'long video', not necessarily noticeable, but the liquid was a bit cloudy. And now it's crystal clear again.
  10. I put this build together in late August/early September. Since then, no issues and been loving my first custom loop! Tonight I was sitting on my computer with my headphones and music on and heard what sounded like water pouring/leaking out and saw massive bubbles in the pump. Got all paranoid that it all of a sudden sprung a leak after all these months, but that wasn't it. Noticed that during the typical silence I was used to, the pump was no longer showing up under Devices in the iCue software. And when it started rattling on, it was. Then silent/gone. I decided to reboot the computer and upon boot, it made it for about 15 seconds and then for a couple seconds every other minute, but mostly silent like I'm used to and then ultimately stayed silent Is there something going wrong with the pump? Like I said, it's NEVER made this sound before. And the fact it was going in/out of iCue also has me worried. Noticed no issues with temperature while it was doing that, but I dunno. I've also never really noticed any indication that the water is actually flowing, like in the video you can obviously see. The short video is a short clip I made after I rebooted and it appeared to go back to normal after the initial non sense I filmed. The longer one is what I shot before I rebooted. Have the phone basically in the case so hear the fans and GPU whining, but every once in awhile can still tell something is happening. I also kept trying to tab between desktop/game (different profile settings) to encourage it, why the video jumps around. Yes, it's not as full as I'd like it. Was planning on draining it and possibly adding a 120mm to it in a month or so. Also just noticed how dusty it was in there again. :( Also for what it's worth, I never notice any difference with anything between the settings I change it to. Whether it's reporting 1200 RPM, 1400 RPM or 2000 RPM in iCue, I honestly couldn't tell the difference between any of them. And I've had it set at the 'Hydro X Series Pumps' setting since it prompted me about it like a month or whatever ago and it's @ 2020ish RPMs. Only time I ever witness like a "stream of bubbles" like you see, is if I had the computer totally off and booted it up. With in the first few seconds I saw some bubble action, but then it'd stop and be dead still and like that the rest of the time I had it on. Short video: [ame] [/ame] Long video: [ame] [/ame] ^^ Some of the noise in the "Long" video is the fans/GPU like I said. But when the bubble action comes and the extra noise is introduced, it sounds like it's coil whine from the GPU ramping up, but the noise is coming from the pump. *EDIT* Adding a short clip of how it was shortly after the "Short video" and how it is 99.99% of the time. Absolutely calm/silent and really no indication that the water is flowing what so ever: [ame] [/ame] Sorry if it's normal (even though I've literally never experienced it and it's all like the short clip aside from powering on from it being shut down). Just get REALLY paranoid with this stuff, especially since it's NEVER done this before over the course of what, 5 months?
  11. Pretty sure the "daisy chaining" is only meant to do CPU/GPU/Pump and nothing else. Like Caedros said, just get a Y splitter. I got a couple off of Amazon for a few bucks and have the top 2 of my case tied to it since they're on my 240 rad. EDIT: Sorry. Thought I read you saying you were going to try to daisy a fan or something to it. Been a looooong day for me. lol
  12. Well, glad I'm not the only one, but sucks that you are too! And yeah, I almost would prefer the sound of the blower. Even after reading into it and finding it's "common" on higher end cards (I never experienced it until now, so not sure how it's "common") and even on the 5700 XTs and just the blower...still worry that the sound is bad and going to ignite or something. Saw a YT video of a blower making it and pretty sure after hearing it with the blower and this now, mine wasn't making it before I did this. Gonna have to look into it later and see and will be sure to post back if I find a fix. Hope you do the same! And thanks for posting that you're experiencing it too! Between that and that YT video, I'm a little less concerned. And already kinda learning how to tune it out.
  13. Didn't matter anyways. I got everything all ready. Had a coffee filter and the hose all setup...opened the valve and at that same second, the damn UPS guy banged on the door and honked his horn at the same time (guess 2 of them?) and it scared the living crap out of me! Dropped the bottle and ended up draining half of the loop all over the floor and myself. So needless to say, I just opened up the new bottle. LOL And no, I don't think this has anything to do with my other thread I started. Drain hose was rather long and no where near my PC, so fairly certain no liquid got inside the case. Plus it was aired out for awhile, plus I blew the inside out before hand.
  14. I'm about 99% sure this noise wasn't happening before I installed the 5700 XT GPU block. It's kind of like a cricket at it's lowest and at it's "loudest", kind of sounds like a weed wacker/leaf blower being used a few houses away - yet kinda amplified? I'm not sure if this is normal, because like I've said before, this is my first custom loop. So I'm not sure if I screwed something up or what.. It doesn't make the sound at all while booting up. Only about 30s after Windows has loaded. It's the loudest when I have any kind of illumination pattern happening with the GPU/CPU/Pump. Any mixture of 1, 2 or all 3 - doesn't matter. Also gets loud if I load up a game with even the lights off. Kinda revs up a little and pongs back and forth while watching Netflix. Stays at the quiet level if just browsing and/or having the lights on a static color. So definitely seems like it's related to the GPU. CPU appears to be running at about same temperatures idle and GPU is definitely running cooler than with the blowers, so I know it's getting cooled. The little wheel inside doesn't seem to be spinning except for when the PC is booting up. It stops spinning shortly before it starts making the noise after Windows boots up. Liquid definitely appears to be moving through it and the rest of the system though. I didn't hear this noise before I got my 5700 XT and had my old 1070 in there. I believe I had the 1070 in there for a brief period between setting up the water loop and getting the 5700 XT - could be wrong. Either way though, I'm fairly certain it wasn't making the noise prior to this afternoon when I hooked up the GPU block because that first night I had it running after my water leak test, I still had my head in there a lot to make sure stuff was working alright and pretty sure I would have heard this over the 5700 XT in the low settings with my head inside the case. Sorry for all the questions, know I'll probably get told something along the lines of that's what the forums are for. Just feel dumb and really paranoid that I screwed something up. :eek: EDIT: Google seems to indicate maybe coil whine? Could that be what I'm experiencing here? Or could something be messed up since it seems to activate if I turn the lights on and/or because the little wheel inside isn't spinning?
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