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  1. I love to have auto profile switching on to use different profiles when I launch games. I have so many non-gaming profiles that look cool and it's hard to choose a default, so I've been binding some of my 12 Scimitar buttons to hot swap to different profiles so I don't have to scroll through a big list. I can set a button in CUE to swap to a profile, then set the same button in the new one to go back to the previous one, effectively making that button a toggle, but when you manually swap profiles, it leaves that one on until you turn auto back on yourself. As far as I can see, the option to go back to auto mode is not in the direct profile switching list, nor is the ability to keep manual mode from "sticking." Can I bind auto switching to a key? It's annoying having to go to the very bottom of a big list of profiles just to turn it back on.
  2. Well I'm glad no one else has had any issues. I'm guessing something just happened with my admin settings because I haven't seen the issue since I tried the fix. Maybe it has nothing to do with the update at all.
  3. Great, thanks! I wonder if maybe the windows update had taken admin access away from CUE. I never consciously enabled them before, though.
  4. I tried to run it in windows 8 mode but it still barely runs. It's essentially acting like the app is not responding, but windows won't say as much. I also tried downgrading the version to the next newest, but that didn't make a difference either. Oh, in the middle of writing this post, I ran as administrator and now it seems to be working fine again. I guess I'll need to make sure that my shortcut always has that flagged. EDIT: Updated back to 1.16 through the software and the issue happened again. Had to close through task manager and rerun as admin to get it to work. I'm almost positive the issue is related to admin settings somehow. If I have CUE set to boot with windows, is there a way to get it to run as admin when it starts or will I have to keep closing it out and doing it myself every time? I think my start menu shortcut knows to boot with it on now, but I'm not sure if the one that loads with windows will.
  5. I've just tried a clean install and the same issue is happening. Sometimes, CUE force closes as well. I'm unable to click anywhere in CUE without it just freezing or crashing. I'm curious to know whether anyone else who's just updated windows 10 is having the same problem.
  6. Hi all, I just updated to the Windows 10 anniversary update and now CUE is very unresponsive. Right clicking in the tray just brings up an invisible menu, it won't unminimize from the taskbar, and profiles aren't autoswitching anymore. Was working fine pre-update, but now it seems broken. I already tried a repair with the installer and a reboot didn't help either. Task manager says that CUE is 32 bit. Is there a 64 bit installer?
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