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  1. The side buttons on my Scimitar completely stopped working. Win 7 SP 1.
  2. They fixed the profile switching click through problem. It no longer does multiple profile button presses if a button closes (or switch out of) one program and would do a second function if you were to click it on the program behind it. Edit: I was wrong, it is still broken, it just required a reboot before all the broken things were clear again.
  3. This clickthrough bug is driving me nuts. Using the side button on my mouse to close one program, and then having it switch to the next profile and execute it's different function in the program behind it (in a single click) is really messing with my workflow. This is new behavior.
  4. The new version of icue has a click-through problem. With my scimitar I have one of my side buttons set to close a program I use frequently, I also have the same button bound as the back button when used in windows explorer or browsers. If I hit the button to exit the program, now it exits the program and immediately also goes back a level/screen if my mouse is over an explorer/browser window after the program is closed. In the previous version of icue this didn't happen. One button press used to do only one action. Now it is doing an action from two separate profiles.
  5. Same problem with my Scimitar, I've posted about it on the forums maybe a half dozen times with no reply over several months. If I use Remap Key, it works fine without going into the software every reboot/relaunch of icue/cue. It is the Remap Keystroke that doesn't get recognized. So my commands like "Windows Key + M" for minimize all just don't work until I click through. But simple 1:1 remaps like page up and down do.
  6. The software still won't recognize any of the buttons on my Scimitar mouse that I have set to Remap Keystroke until I open up iCue and click on the corresponding entry. The other types of entries still work it seems. So everytime I reboot my PC or restart iCue I have to open the program up and click through any entries that use this type of key press before they will work. It has been this way for several software revisions going back to the previous CUE software. Creating a new entry doesn't help. Its getting really annoying not being able to just use a mouse button for what I want without opening the settings every day. W cue.actions: Scoped command is empty, cannot execute action
  7. New version didn't fix the Scimitar keys not getting their buttons assigned on start problem. Hopefully it will fix some of the other problems (like the mouse buttons becoming unresponsive under high system load and staying that way when it returns to low load, and the mouse sometimes just deciding to start spamming keys until the software is reset). I shouldn't need a restart CUE batch script on my desktop.
  8. I may a little bit more info on the side keys not saving between restarts of CUE with my Scimitar as I mentioned earlier in the thread. It seems that anything bound with a "keystroke" doesn't work until I open cue and click through all my actions, but anything set with a "typing key" works fine. So the same button can be set to hit the same keyboard letter, but if it is set to keystroke, it won't work until I open CUE and click through the action once. CUE is running, it runs on startup, it just doesn't recognize certain actions until I click through them. Which is unfortunate as multi-key combinations can't be set as typing keys. Still a pain to click through my profiles and their actions each reboot/restart of cue.
  9. The new version posted by Corsair James did nothing to fix my issue where a few of the keys don't work until I click through them after each restart of my computer or CUE. They save, and are visible, and I don't have to actually change anything, just click through them. In this profile, it is just this minimize all one on button 7, on another it is a "I" key on button 11. All my mapped macros work fine however. This side button just does nothing except throw error messages into the log until I open CUE and click through the actions for the profile. See earlier post in thread for what I believe the related error message is. Very annoying refresh each profile every reboot.
  10. Still having the problem with my Scimitar in the newest version. Everytime Cue restarts, it doesn't bind a few of the side buttons to whatever is assigned to them. It requires me to open the software and click through all of the action keys one by one before they work. In one program I have it assigned to button 8 for "Windows key + M" for minimize all, in another program it is button 5 for just the "F" key. They aren't macros. When I look at the logs, it shows what looks like this: W cue.actions: Scoped command is empty, cannot execute action If I pull up the program from my task manager, and click through the actions, it will start working. But I shouldn't have to do that each reboot/restart of CUE. And I didn't until the last two CUE versions.
  11. Has there been any movement on a new version to fix some of the outstanding bug of this version? It is getting old manually fixing things every reboot or restart of CUE.
  12. I set something up for this in one of my games pretty simply and just put it on toggle on one of the side keys on the mouse. Here is a quick snapshot:
  13. I've used my Scimitar in GW2 since the Scimitar was released. Other than some general CUE issues related to spammed keys (rarely happens after hectic events), the software generally works fine. I would recommend setting up a profile just for GW2 like c-attack said. The CUE software has changed quite a bit since the Scimitar was first released, so videos aren't going to be a consistent way to figure things out.
  14. Yep, the shortcut assign bug from the last version is still present. This seems to be the relevant line from the logs on my Scimitar: W cue.actions: Scoped command is empty, cannot execute action
  15. It should be running as admin on my machine, but for the sake of argument, I've run it as admin explicitly, and it didn't help. Here is the error from the log file. 2017-12-22T18:31:17 W cue.actions: Scoped command is empty, cannot execute action Again this goes away if I open the actions section and just click through them one at a time each time I reboot/load up CUE, so it has the commands/info it needs, it just isn't loading it.
  16. Right after installing the new update, on first run, the same keys didn't work until I clicked through the actions one by one again. Something is fishy here. One of them is just "Windows Key + M" Bound to Key 7, and the other is the "I" key bound to key 11, in separate programs. There are probably others, but those are the ones I use enough that I notice them.
  17. Maybe I'm a bit quick on the trigger, but the drivers aren't available through the update process in CUE.
  18. I updated the CUE software to the newest version a few days ago hoping it would fix some issues I'm having with my scroll wheel (looks like that may be hardware related unfortunately). Anyway, after each time I start windows (Windows 7 SP1 x64), some of the buttons I have assigned to the side buttons on my Scimitar mouse don't work. The one I notice immediately is the one I have assigned to minimize all (Windows Key + M). I can fix this by opening up the CUE software and just quickly opening the default profile and clicking through each of the actions once. This also happens for some of the other profiles I have, and they are all pretty much direct 1:1 keybinds that don't work, like hitting button 11 for the letter "i" in a game I play. Profile switching works fine, and most of the buttons work fine, but certain buttons just don't get recognized until I go into CUE and click through all the actions one by one each time I reboot. Again, this didn't happen until the latest CUE software update (2.20.72). It isn't the same side buttons either.My mouse has the latest firmware available. If I could figure out this, and why my scroll wheel sometimes randomly scrolls in the wrong direction, I'd be a happy camper, but that is a very new problem and probably the subject of another post or support ticket. I've had the mouse since it came out, so the odds of a hardware problem on that one increase a bit.
  19. I have a very similar problem. Where my action key (f) in an MMO I play will continually be sent after intense battles, which I have bound to one of my side buttons. So if I try to use the chat window, it will just spam the f button. Alternatively it will also sometimes either spam or hold either the CTRL or ALT keys, like sticky keys was enabled (it isn't). Sometimes randomly hitting random mouse buttons will turn this off, but until then, it is impossible to use my computer due to the sheer number of commands that are fired using a combination of those keys and other keys. These get spammed in and out of game. This all only seems to happen after long intense fights where I'm hitting a lot of keys on both my keyboard and mouse. Both my CUE software and Scimitar (I bought it at retail on release day) are up to date, but this has been a long standing issue. This also affects the people on teamspeak that have scimitar mice. Their solution is to just reboot their computers, not a good solution. Edit: My actions that I use are all 1:1 direct key maps, not macros. I have a macro, but I don't use it for battles, so it should be an issue in this case.
  20. So, since I have an X58 chipset, I've been holding off on updating my CUE software (also not keen on the lift height issue) and firmware. My mouse works great for me for now unless I turn on rainbow mode, and I'd prefer not break what isn't broken. What I can't find is a way to block the popup windows every time my computer boots up telling me to update my firmware and software. Do I need to add something to my hosts file?
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