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  1. I fixed it with following these steps: https://www.asus.com/nl/support/FAQ/1036367/ or english version : https://www.asus.com/en/support/FAQ/1036367/
  2. @DoctorDeadboi What did you do to fix it? Did it fix itself or did you do anything else because i'm currently having the same problem. Worked fine for months and was just messing with profiles when it suddenly fails and all logical fixes dint seem to help. Thanks in advance!
  3. Speaking about integration: Asus ROG Balteus mouspad a notchless wonder of hardware should be added too. I think 1€ per non-corsair RGB supported device should make the choice easier for Corsair, just a thought?
  4. each profile must be setup for each device separately. advanced profiles from krastev for example just include all known corsair devices. just setup a link light or wave manually and you'll see it works
  5. I'dd like to know too as i would like to replace them with a dual cable comb (Corsair Premium kabelkamkit CP-8920257)
  6. have you tried to update iCue, also make sure plugins are enables in the settings
  7. Worked once I "Enabled Plugins" or maybe as stated above I needed to wait some time after starting the app for it to appear? (took me 2 minutes to enable)? If required maybe add it to the instructions. thanks corsair works fine! btw: now that plugins are enabled and i do not use Lenovo hardware is it logical to remove this folder to save system resources and increase loading times?
  8. its at the top of the list of the internal RGB share function? > http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/8a89/bydoa3hgphops18zg.jpg
  9. i think you can only save static profiles to the keyboard with unity software all other devices are only half baked http://i.imgur.com/8YOnrDe.png
  10. ow, iCue only! i haven't tried this software yet....not sure if compatible with my Corsair hardware....
  11. double sided tape? i got me a roll of 3M scotch tape that is super strong
  12. did you get it to work ion the end? Im trying to connect my modmic 4.0 muteless mic but have had no luck
  13. a sad development too see. keep me informed or offer a free replacement kit ;)
  14. i would like to know the result of installing iCue with "older Corsair devices" such as the: Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting kit Corsair Commander Mini Corsair AX1200i PSU And of cource if this will made possible in the (near) future?
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