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  1. I went on holiday for a week at the end of May, and unplugged the power lead from the back of the PSU. Would you believe when I got back after ~7/8 days the fan LEDS were still on. The person I sold my case/case fans/motherboard/cpu/h50 to has not reported any issues whatsoever with fan lights remaining lit, he is obviously using his own PSU. I'm using the same PSU with my new parts and everything shuts down and runs perfectly. I have to once again thank the corsair reps for their time and effort in at least trying to help me get to the bottom of it! I feel like really putting the RM1000 to the test with a second Ti :biggrin: I had better get saving...
  2. UPDATE: I upgraded some parts in my PC to: 4670k @ 4.7Ghz ASRock Z87 Ex3 Corsair 600T White Corsair AF120 (Quiet Edition White LED) case fans x3 Same PSU, ram, gpu, hdds etc The PC now shuts down completely, all fan LEDS switch OFF!!! :D: It leads me to believe there was some sort of incompatibility issue with this PSU and my old motherboard, or one of the motherboard settings, but quite frankly I don't care anymore! The PSU seems to be working fine, as it always was. I do have another small issue though. One of the Corsair fans I bought has an LED not working. From all my fan LEDS remaining on, to one not working.. how ironic eh? :(::p:
  3. Been googling today as I had some free time and there are so many cases with people having similar issues where fans/lights stay on after shut down. Almost every one I found which was eventually solved, was caused by either the motherboard or the PSU. As I've said, I tried my PSU in another system and it shut everything down fine which leads me to believe it's my motherboard. Now if I was to try another PSU in my system and that shuts my system down fine, that would then suggest the PSU. Could there be some sort of compatibility issue between my motherboard and PSU and if so, is that reason enough to RMA? I'm gonna get my mate to come over this weekend with his AX1200i because I'm just curious now to see if the issue remains. As mentioned already, my old PSU never gave me this issue and that was the only thing that was changed.
  4. Yes that's right. One of the reasons I haven't rushed out to get a 3-pin to molex adapter is because the fans are connected to the fan controller which is being powered via the molex lead from PSU - the fan controller isn't connected to the motherboard AT ALL. I assumed (maybe wrongly) that this would be exactly the same as the fan simply being connected to the PSU directly via molex.
  5. The fans were only connected to either the motherboard and/or to the fan controller, that's it. They are 3 pin so theres no way I can connect them just to the PSU as I don't have any 3-pin to molex adapters. And nope, the fan controller isn't connected to the motherboard at all.
  6. UPDATE: I took my PSU out today and took it to a friends house, he has the AX1200i. I only took the actual unit as his cables would work - as advised via this thread. So what happened? Once we connected this PSU, we also connected up the green LED fan (pics on previous page) directly to his motherboard. Started his system up, PSU working great, fan was spinning and lit up obviously. Shut down and... the led was completely OFF. So, I am happy to report the PSU is working absolutely fine (unless it's the cables causing the issue lol) I've since put it back in my system and all the leds remain ON after shutdown. :roll: So although there is some issue with this PSU in MY system, my mind is at ease knowing the PSU is ok - which as I've said all along seemed to be the case with me using the PC for gaming etc with no issues. I'm thinking now maybe it is the motherboard as a few have suggested but I've even tried setting bios to default and shutting down and its still the same. So I've gone back to my saved profile which is running @ 4.5Ghz. If anyone has the same motherboard as me, let me know if there are any bios settings you think that may be the cause and I'll have a check. Corsair employees - thanks again for all the help and advice and the assurance of being looked after had this needed RMA'ing ;): I know where I'll be shopping in future when I'm after a new case and cooler :) Everyone else who offered advice - Thanks, I tried everything I think, the 'issue' is still there and tbh I can live with it at least knowing the PSU is working as it should be. When I do get around to changing my motherboard down the line, I may dig up this thread and post the results but that won't be for a long while yet!
  7. The only things connected to my PC via USB are: -Keyboard (2x usb ports) http://www.hardwarelook.com/images/uploads/ARTICALS/ThermaltakePRIZE260911/competition_challenger_ultimate.jpg -Mouse http://www.ttesportsworld.de/sites/default/files/Black_Element_001.jpg -Microsoft wireless receiver http://www.epic-modz.co.uk/ebay_listing_images/gallery/gaming_reciever.jpg -Fightstick :D: http://www.push-start.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/streetfighterxtekkenprostick.jpg That's everything!
  8. Maybe I have missed something but here is exactly what I have tried so far, bearing in mind no bios settings have been changed since changing the PSU. Infact, nothing has been changed apart from the PSU - (1) PSU is connected to everything as normal - motherboard, hdds, gfx card etc. The PSU is also connected to the fan controller via molex lead, and 6 fans are connected to the fan controller. Result: On shutdown all fan leds remain ON, even when PSU is switched off at the back and/or power lead removed. (2) PSU is connected to everything as normal - motherboard, hdds, gfx card etc. The PSU is also connected to the fan controller via molex lead, and 6 fans are connected to the fan controller. A 7th led fan is connected directly to the motherboard. Result: On shutdown all fan leds remain ON, even when PSU is switched off at the back and/or power lead removed. (3) As above again but I've tried connected the molex cable into different ports on the PSU. Result: On shutdown all fan leds remain ON, even when PSU is switched off at the back and/or power lead removed. I haven't at any stage disconnected the motherboard completely from the PSU, should I?
  9. How can it be the motherboard if the fans are all connected to the fan controller, which is being powered directly by the PSU?
  10. ...and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I'm all out of ideas as to what I can try next, my PC continues to run fine yet all the fan lights remain on after shutdown. This weekend I'm gonna try and get hold of another Corsair PSU to try out on my system and after that, if it appears I need to RMA it, I'll do so. How does the RMA process work and is it possible for me to receive a replacement first and then post this unit out? Reason being I use the PC most days for work so that would definitely be better for me. Would I be required to pay the postage as they weigh a ton!
  11. Just checked and the led light on the new fan (which was plugged directly into the motherboard) was still on this morning - the PSU was switched off and unplugged at the back. The six case fans which are all plugged into the fan controller were also still on as expected. Yellowbeard - these things happen, I've been building computers for quite a while plus as I mentioned, my PC is still working. I appreciate all the help I'm getting via this forum, I think for a company such as Corsair to even have a public forum like this really speaks volumes. I can list a few that wouldn't in a million years...
  12. Cheers mate :) I have to confess I didn't leave this new fan in for long but before I go bed shortly I'll plug it into the motherboard again, switch off the PSU and even unplug it and then check back in the morning to see if it also remains lit.
  13. It's a bit difficult for me to get hold of another PSU however, I did get hold of another led fan today. First up lets see if it works, plugged directly into motherboard and... http://oi62.tinypic.com/2ly23cn.jpg Yep it works. Now, shutdown PC, leave it a minute and put the switch off at the back... http://oi61.tinypic.com/2d6w61i.jpg Looks like it has gone off? On closer inspection... http://oi59.tinypic.com/2ymf1g8.jpg The leds are still on, although with this brand of fan is it much harder to see. If these were in my case I wouldn't have even known they were on. My fans are a bit more obvious though, here is the front of my tower when PC is off and PSU is switched off at the back even after 17 hours... http://oi58.tinypic.com/33vffwo.jpg Sorry about the low quality pics (taken with phone). So many people these days have case fans with leds, if their lights were staying on after the PC shutdown and it was normal, loads more would have encountered this right? The fact that everyone is just as stumped as me indicates this isn't 'normal' behaviour even though my PC has been running fine with this PSU?
  14. Or would any RM series work if I simply swapped the unit and left the cables?
  15. My only concern is, what if I get another RM1000 and I have the same issue. Remember, had these fans not been led I wouldn't have even known there was an issue as everything else shuts down normally and the fans stop spinning. We know it's the PSU as that's the only thing that's been changed, but is it a fault. The only way I'd know for sure is by purchasing another RM1000 and simply swapping them, I could leave all my cables as they are, but they are £140+. Thanks for offering to lend the 1200 but I'd have to take the system apart as I've had all the cables routed out of sight. If anyone has a working RM1000 from the Manchester area, I'd be happy to borrow that as I'd just need to take out the actual unit with it being fully modular. Anyone? :p
  16. An RMA is the very last option for me as I require the use of the PC every day for work and so I'd probably have to buy a replacement first unfortunately, unless turnaround was a day or two but I don't see how that would be possible. Jonnyguru, let me know how you get on with your testing. I've done a bit of googling and found that some people aren't too keen on the RM series because of the fact that Corsair has gone with using 'cheaper' capacitors. Is it possible that the capacitors on my PSU are actually faulty and from your experience, is there any chance that the PSU can damage any of my other components because that is something I simply cannot risk. All the while, my PC continues to run fine and play games fine... :confused:
  17. I don't have anything to measure the voltage. These are the fans: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=FG-032-AE&groupid=701&catid=2331&subcat=4 http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=FG-037-AE&emcs0=2&emcs1=Produktdetailseite&emcs2=FG-032-AE&emcs3=FG-037-AE
  18. Haha ^ Switch isn't faulty as it makes no difference whether PSU is unplugged or whether just the switch is off. I would leave the PC off for longer to see how long the fans actually stay lit but I need to use it almost everyday due to work as well as the odd gaming session here and there. I am off on holiday next month and the PC will be off for a week. If I come back and the fans are still on, that's some power those capacitors are holding.. :D: Nothing plugged in but that was something that was already suggested to me.
  19. UPDATE: I have just shutdown the PC, switched off the PSU from the back. Unplugged 2 fans from fan controller, the light obviously now goes off. I've plugged the fans directly into the motherboard and the fan light comes back on. This completely eliminates the fan controller. The motherboard is obviously getting some power coming from the PSU even thought the PSU is switched off.
  20. I appreciate all the replies guys, gives me food for thought. :) I am going to try plugging 2 fans directly into the motherboard and leaving the other 4 in the fan controller and seeing what happens. As I said, if these fans had no led I wouldn't have even known there was an issue as they stop spinning, and everything appears to shut down as normal it's just the lights remain on - albeit very dim. Oh and there are no high voltage cables or radio transmitters near me. Edit: Keep it sensible Azh... :)
  21. Yes - well I unplugged the lead from the back of the PSU so same thing. The fan led lights remain on. The only time the fan lights go off is when I unplug that molex cable which is plugged into the fan controller, from the PSU. If I remove that cable then the lights go off. Soon as I put it back in (I've tried all the ports on the PSU) the lights come back on.
  22. Just got home from work, its 4.45pm and I can confirm the fan led lights are... STILL ON! This is despite me switching the PSU off from the switch at the back ~17 hours ago. If my fans didn't have any leds I wouldn't even have known there was an issue? Can someone please advise whether this is normal. I understand the capacitors have stored energy and the power obviously has to come from somewhere, but 17 hours later and they are still on??? Azh - thanks for those links I'm gonna read through them now.
  23. Well 6-7 hours later and I can confirm the fan lights are still on. I'm off to work now, I'll check again in 8 hours. Anyone else ever had this?
  24. Hi there. My case has 6 led fans and they are all plugged into the fan controller. The fan controller is powered by the psu via molex cable. When I remove that cable from the psu the fan lights go off. If I just switch the psu off from the back and even remove the power lead, the case fans remain lit. Im just going bed now and I've shutdown the pc, and also switched off the psu from the back. Will see in the morning if the fans are still lit, I can't understand where they are getting power from?
  25. Hi all, new member here, just signed up to see if anyone can offer any advice. :) I've just replaced my trustly old 700W OCZ power supply with a Corsair RM1000 with the thought I may go SLI down the line. Anyway, that's the only thing that has been changed in my system. Previously, when I would shut down my PC, the led on the front of the fan controller would remain lit. I've installed the RM1000 and it seems to be working great however, after shutting down the system, all my case fans (6 of them) remain lit although they are quite dim. They are not spinning, the system has definitely shut down but the leds are still on and this seems and looks a bit odd to me. Is it normal? What I've tried so far: I shutdown my PC and switched OFF the PSU from the switch at the back of the tower/PSU. The fan led lights remain ON. After 5 minutes of waiting, the fan lights are still ON. I've opened the case and tried different ports on the PSU and when I unplug the cable from PSU, the fan lights go off, but as soon as I plug it back into the PSU (tried all the ports) the fan lights come back ON. This is all while the PSU is switched OFF from the back. As I said, the PSU seems to be working fine. Just wondering if the above is something I should be concerned about? Another thing is, I know that the PSU fan doesn't spin unless at around 40% load. I've played games and tried benchmarks and it doesn't spin at all. I've just ran prime 95 and furmark together which stressed the CPU and GPU massively sending GPU temps up to over 80C and CPU temps to over 60C and after around 5 minutes my system crashed. It's never crashed before but at no point did the PSU fan even move. Is this normal?
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