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  1. thanks, but this forum used to be pretty good at responding to posts. seems nobody ever replies to anything now. I'll just return these i guess to the store, i dont want to have to ship them back and wait for replacements.
  2. Nobody? is this forum just dead now? like 3rd time ive posted a different issue over the past year and its just a ghost town.
  3. Hi Guys, I have 4 corsair LED strips chained together, connected to one Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller. Everything worked fine for a while. Then My LEDs all went off. i plugged each one into the same output (1) and nothing. Then i tried them in output 2, and they worked. ok. After a while. Same thing happened. Cant get them back on. Re-installed icue, restarted, re-wired them, checked connections, looked for loose wires, or shorts, nothing. OK, i sucked it up and bought another Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller. Installed it last night. Boom lights work (same strips). Today, took my side panel off, didnt even touch anyything. didnt move anything, closed the panel. Boom. RGB lights off. Same again, cant get channel 1 to work AT ALL. Moved strips to channel 2, and they work. What am i doing wrong here? Any help at all? When/if this channel dies again i think i may just be done with RGB strips.
  4. Hi Guys, I upgraded to the H115i elite capellix, only issue i am having is when i adjust my fan curves i cannot change the fan curves to the GPU temperature sensor? My case has a separate chamber for the GPU and now the fans are curving based on the H115i Capellix fluid temperature. you can see in the picture i have no options for sensors in the drop down?
  5. Just wondering if theres any plans to release a white version? i see the other radiator sizes available in white. Really like the capellix 280mm so want to stick with this cooler, but would love white to match my build.
  6. Hi Guys, building a mini-ITX build right now and have one single USB internal header, of which my Commander Core that came with the H115i is connected. I purchased the H115i Cappelix thinking i could wire my fans, pump, and RGB LEDs to the Commander Core. Unless im missing something, even though the Commander Core has headers titled 'RGB HUB' - it does not seen to fit the connections of the Corsair RGB strips nor even the Lighting Node hub. This seems kind of stupid. I really dont understand why the bespoke corsair RGB lighting hub does not even connect to the Commander Cores 'RGB HUB' ports. Is this designed so i really have to buy another $70 Commander Pro just to connect these expensive LEDs to iCUE, when i already have a Commander Core AND a Lightning Node ? If this is the case im guessing it may just be easier to ebay these corsair LEDs and buy some generic ones that connect to my motherboards non-proprietary RGB headers. At this point my ITX build is just going to be dozens and dozens of Corsair hubs with tons of wiring, when a single hub and a single USB/SATA could do the job.
  7. Yeah I'm slightly dissapointed. When i read corsair where going to reveal a new 750d high airflow case I thought there would be more difference not just the front pace plate. If I made a high airflow case I would remove the three 5" baysband addadd another 140 to the front. Three 140mm fans as intake would be great and you could fit a 420 rad in the front. That would be amazing.
  8. Shipping to my house is $5. If you want to pm me your address we can see how much it would cost to do it that way. I'd be happy to help a brother out.
  9. Corsair charges $15 for 2 small rgb led strips. They Mark up a bunch.
  10. What is going on corsair? The panels are now available and I can add one in my cart, when I check out i have to chose my Country but USA is not listed?? Wat. Why wouldn't you list your own country???
  11. ::pirate:: It ridiculous. The amount of interest in this thread and like only 3 people have got them. Waiting 2 years for this panel and then for it to sell out instantly I feel like is just a big screw you from corsair.
  12. Thabks corsair. You have tons of customers screaming for a front panel that actually allows air flow and you take 2 years to manufacture one with holes in and then you stock like 10 of them and then ignore the thread. This is a complete joke. Used to love corsair cases and components but you would think they would have listened to their customers and ordered a good stock pile of panels to meet demand.
  13. Wtf corsair. You know fine well how high the demand is for this piece of kit and it sells it almost instantly? How many did you manufacture 100? 200? I've been waiting almost 2 years for this and only a handful of people manage to place an order.. Now I'm given a 'find retailer' button when we both know that no retailer stocks this at all. What a joke.
  14. Amaaaazing! Thanks for this, one of the reasons I trust corsair is their awesome customer service. Although after waiting almost a year for a new front panel I have been a bit worried but glad you guys pulled through. My corsair front panel has been in my closest since I bought it, I even tried the noctua 3000 rpm industrial server fans with 15m3 static pressure and even they couldn't pull enough air through the current front panel.. Hoping I go back to see AF140s on the front and keep my build nice and quiet again.
  15. I just built with a 750d. I gave George the benefit of th e doubt and thought since they had 'tested' the front panel it wouldn't be that bad. Turns out I've been burned. With the front panel on my temperatures are about 10 degrees higher, if i put my had in the case I can barely feel a breeze. If I remove the front panel the my temps drop 10 degrees and the air circulation feels normal. Also, I have 2 x 140mm noctua industrial 3000 rpm fans in the front, they move 140 cfm and have 10mm3 of static pressure at yet they still struggle with the front panel. I just have to run my case without the front panel now, looks fugly but I'd rather not have my gpu's throttled by temperature.
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