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I'm sorry man, but I didn't spend $300 to be a beta tester or have to wait on a functionality that's a core part of why I chose this Corsair product line to begin with for TWO MONTHS.


I got my h100i and paid a premium for a digital atx860i (specifically because of Link!!) two months ago, and I've Windows8.1, and the software just does not work. The BETA release is nice to finally be out, but it's still extremely shaky.


Frankly, this is unacceptable given the success and reputation of Corsair. I'm not blaming the poor dev guys who are working hard to get this brittle piece of software patched up, but more the company strategy as a whole.


You cannot base your product marketing on something that not only doesn't work, but isn't fixed in a reasonable amount of time. I understand sht will happen -- that's ok. Stuff happens. But you cannot keep people waiting for TWO MONTHS. For a product that I will likely use for a couple of years and upgrade anyway. This isn't a trivial amount of time!


What's worse is that this isn't over. If it were over today it would be late, but it's not even done. Given the weird issues people are reporting in the BETA it sounds like they just really need to scrap this software and start from scratch or something. It is a mess.... stuff randomly doesn't work and different stuff doesn't work for different people. It's just not good.


I like Corsair but their entire Link-enabled line of products carries a premium that is absolutely unjustified. Link is a brittle, shaky, gimmicky piece of software.



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The paradox with this system is: it would be the most awesome system controller in the history of personal computing, if it was to work with no flaws. It is full of flaws witch makes it both a brilliant concept, and any builders worst nightmare when it doesn't.


I really want to buy an AX860i as my next PSU, but after my experience with the link, that is definitely not gonna happen before most issues are resolved. I hope, and actually believe, that this concept will be fully operational in the future, completed by Corsair or someone else, and when it happens, a build without it would be like going back to pentium 3 processors.


Patience is key, and to give yourself that advantage you need other solution while you wait. This has been an extreme marketing bump for corsair amongst seasoned computer builders, I believe. I hope they have learned their lesson and that the next product in this line will be fully operational from day 1.

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