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Questions about the 540 (Corsair cutting corners?)


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Hey guys, I have some questions about the 540. This isn't a thread slamming Corsair or the case. In all honesty I like the case, it looks great. I tried to order one directly from Corsair when they had a sale about a month ago but they were so back ordered I was unable to get one.


I currently have a Corsair 600T. Its a great case full of lots of features. The only reason I wanted to replace it with a 540 is because the 600T doesn't fit well under my computer desk and I have a tendency to hit it with my chair. Given the dimensions of the 540 it would be a great case for me.


However, here are some of my questions about the 540:


1. Why only one dust filter (front) on the 540? My 600T has dust filters for the front, top and the bottom. Aftermarket dust filter kits are close to $80 for an entire kit. A dust filter just for the bottom alone is $20 for the 540.


2. Why is there holes on the bottom of the 540? They serve no purpose other than to let in more dust, dust that not only spreads around the inside of the case but will also collect at the bottom of the hard drives there.


3. The short cables. I know this has been discussed in several other threads in the forums and hopefully future 540's have been upgraded with proper length in cables.


I really like the design of the 540 with keeping the wiring and the power supply separated from the rest of the components and it does already have a sleek design, I'm just unsure of the issues mentioned above. Plus the price of this case has gone up lately, due to the holidays I'm sure. Just not sure if the 540 is worth the $150 price tag with the above flaws.



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Another issue I would like to add is that the folded edge near the rear fan mount prevents certain 140mm fan to be mounted without some modding.


For my case I had a Bitfenix pro 140mm which requires some minor cutting/sanding work on the plastic fan frame to avoid that awkward fold. Please refer to the image below




Although there was a round cut on the fold to make way for the 140mm fan blade diameter, I doubt an extended cut to at least the the bottom of a regular 140mm fan frame would compromise the structural integrity of the case.


And also, for a $150 price point which is comparable to the much loved Corsair 550D(which I also own and has dust filters on all vents), providing dust filter where necessary is justifiable. Such as the vent near the PSU and the bottom hole(which serves no purpose), and the top for those who do not intend to have any fans or rads. This has been mentioned by some of the reviewers, so don't just belittle our feedbacks by saying only issue reported was the short cable and simple direct us to go and buy some $80 dust filter kit.

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