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H60 Not Working Correctly


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Hi Everyone, i got a Corsair H60 Water Cooler but it seems not working correctly.

I got it for about 2 years, my PC turns on and the normal temp is about 60Cº and when im playing it gets to 105Cº

My friend with an air cooler gets max temp playing at 60Cº.

Is there any way i can test the pump ? Or if i can test if there is any fluid inside that thing ?

I installed all correctly, and tried to change the pump place on my MB. Tried to put the pump directly on the power, still didnt work.

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I'd like to ask a few questions first:


Do you OC your processor?

Do you checked all other temperatures? Memory, bridges etc.?

Does your case have enough airflow?


Now few obvious advices. (mby noty so obvious for all...)


Try to remove dust from radiator. Those tiny holes likes to stuck. Use compressed air.


You may try to place a new termal paste. If you put a lot on your processor, after some time instead of cooling it may couse heating. Espesially when the paste is a cheap one. If you will aplly a new paste, put just a bit. Too much isn't a best for temperatures.


Check all cooler screws again, mayby it's not pressed enough?


I assume that your cooler is not leaking, and u hear the..."bulp" sounds when it's working. ("bulp" = sound of flowing liquid - sry for my eng). If not: prop. the pump is dead, or just the pump power cable somehow disconected.

Also try to check the radiator fan, and fan cables.


Here is my 1 cent for most obvious reasons.

If it's not improve your cooling, then u schould wait for some Corsair specialist to figure it out. Ahh... and 1 more question:


Do you ripp off a foliage from the cooling part? :biggrin: (joke)

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No, i dont OC my processor.

Yes, all other temperatures are OK, i used 3 different programas to monitor.

My case is pretty big and has 5 coolers. 1 front, 2 back (radiator), 1 side, 1 top.


My PC is completely clean, i do that every 2 months, and the thermal paste is new aswell.


Well, since its new i never heard the "bulp" sound, but it worked nice, since my PC in the beginning never went over 40Cº. Its not leaking!

The cable is OK, since i tested on 2 different places on my MB and put ir directly on power supply.

Radiator fans are OK, working correctly.


I opened a ticket on corsair support, 2 days waiting and nothing yet....

Im pretty disappointed with corsair, an expensive cooler stop working like that... i could buy the v8 GTS 2 from coolermaster and it would be still working...


I hope corsair have a fix for this...

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