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I've decided to switch to water cooling after being intrigued and impressed by the H100i. I now haw it ordered and paid for (although it's listed as backordered :( ). While waiting I installed the Link software for fun and it shows CPU statistics as well as found my GFX card (can read but not control it it seems).


It also displays HD temp for one of the 6 HDs in my system.

Now I wonder, is it supposed to show HD info? AND if so, why just one HD and not the others? (Only showing my oldest sata disk, none of the newer or the SSD). (As a side note it would be nice if it could check SMART status on drives and flag for warnings in the software).


I must say I really like what little I've seen of the Link system (one reason I went for the H100i instead of the CM Eisberg solution) and I'm sure I will add more compatible parts over time (Corsair PSU and cooling module I think)

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Updated to latest Corsair Link and now I see 5 drives under Devices (even the raid shows up as a drive). On my system screen only 2 drive temps show up though and there's no way of knowing what drive they actually represent (maybe add info on what device the meter represent in the config pane?).

Also in group each drive creates it's own group and there seems to be no way of adding drives together in a "HD group" (Would be nice to group all drives in one location together with the fans covering that position and have the highest temp in group control the fans).

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