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Strange sound from SP2500 bass.


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I got my SP2500 a few months ago.


At first there were no problems what so ever that I could notice.

But a few weeks ago I noticed that when I turned up the bass some, it made a sound that I can best describe as a part inside would be lose (Kinda like when you hold a paper infront of the airflow outlet.)

The sound increase if I tried to put my hand infront of the air outlet


My uncle suggested that it might be some of the isolating that have came lose and caused this sound.


Lately I have not really noticed the sound at all, but I restrained myself from playing higher volume music both for my own health but aswell that i got abit worried with this.


I tested it today and the noise is still there.

(Once again special noticeable if I hold my hand ifront of the air outlet.)


Maybe some one had a similar experience?

Would you suggest me to make a RMA regarding it?


Thanks in advance!

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