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H80i Missing parts, info and instructions


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I too only had 4 washers despite the quick install guide stating that there should be 8.


I also had some problems;


1, The fans do not have any flow direction arrows, and I ended up installing the kit twice to get the fans pointing inward.


2, There are no instructions or details about installing, or using, the Corsair Link software. There is no discussion or recommendation anywhere about what options to select or use for fan and pump speeds.


3, One of the PC screws striped the fan housing and I had to use a 4mm screw cut to the correct length as a replacement.


4, My PC was overheating and powering off because the H80I was not running high enough at the initial default settings. I had to wait for the PC to go cold, and install the Corsair Link software from another PC download, so I could change the H80i default settings.


5, The install guide shows three cables on the fan connector, but there is only one.


These problems and issues are a shame because the product is ok once the issues are addressed and the software has been installed. With better attention to install manuals, flow indicators on the fans, and the inclusion of the associated software, this would have been a much easier install process.

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Okay LeeJ,


1. http://i.imgur.com/TT7kUK5.jpg?1


2. C. Link Installation Guide: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=122783


3. Were the correct screws used to install the fans?


4. If your PC was overheating, then restore your OC'd CPU back to normal spec until you are able to adjust the fans speeds via software.


5. The Fan Connector? Do you mean the Y Splitter?


I agree with you, the manual should be a bit more precise. We will work to make this better in the future.

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