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H80 - Fan Controller issue?


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Hey all,


This is my 2nd H80 and unfortunately it seems to of run into an issue yesterday.


Basically, one of the fan "ports" seems to be broken, or just the profiles all together. If any of the two fans are plugged into this port, it runs the fan at 100% no matter what, and the other fan will run at "normal speed". Pressing the profile button, while moves the light indicator, seems to make no difference anymore either :/


I have seen a few similar threads here, about resetting the firmware, I have tried this (i think) - on booting into the bios, hold down the profile, lights flash, etc - however didn't make any difference.


I do have a ticket in, but thought id make a post anyway - would you reckon it needs a RMA or? (use my PC for work so, can't do without!)

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