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Any news about F-series SSD and Haswell?


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My CSSD F-160 w fw 2.0 (fw for this drive not founded in 2.4pkg) periodicaly did not detected by POST UEFI on new ASUS Sabertooth Z87.

As I see in many other threads (here and ASUS ROG-forums), there are some kind of problems with SDD based on LSI SandForce 12xx and Intel Haswell platform.

Anybody care that kind of cases or All are drop own SSD, 3years old, in waste box?


Off course, I have plan to buy new SSD and swap that F160 for the child PC based on AMD FM2.

But, if there are no fix for this case, there are no any new Corsair and any LSI based in my enviroment... :[]~~

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