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My Successful Windows 8.1 Upgrade


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With all the complaints and comments regarding Windows 8.1 compatibility with Corsair LINK, I thought I'd post my experience today.


Pre Upgrade Configuration:

Window 8 Pro 64Bit

Corsair LINK, AI Suite (Only the Monitor portion to obtain accurate CPU temperature), and Phoebetria (Bitfenix Recon Fan Controller software with 3 spot fans and 6 Temperature Probes attached and controlled through USB interface) all co-existing and operating without any mutual interference.


All devices connected to Corsair LINK (Corsair Commander 2, Corsair Cooling Node with 4 Noctua Fans and 4 Temperature Probes, Corsair Lighting Node with 2 RGB SMD 2050 LED Strips attached, Corsair Hydro USB, AX860i, and Corsair H100i [through a separate USB connection] with 2 Noctua Fans and pump) display the correct values, update, and control the fans as setup in Custom Curves.



Installed all available Microsoft Updates for Windows 8

Downloaded and Installed the Windows 8.1 Update without incident



After several "Configuring Windows" Restarts, upon the final Restart Corsair LINK appeared (the default profile under Window 8 was set to "Run at Windows Startup)


In the Corsair LINK System window, the H100i data showed all zeroes. All other information (both that obtained through the Corsair Commander 2 and that obtained from the motherboard (CPU Temp and Activity, GPU Temp and Fan, and WD Hard Drive Temp) were present and accurate.


Made the Registry changes presented by Thatualle1970 to the USB\VID_1B1C&PID_0C04 Registry items, but also made those same changes to the USB\VID_1B1C&PID_0C02 Registry items since VID_1B1C is Corsair.


Rebooted, and a new set of H100i Icons was present on the left side of the Corsair LINK System window. Deleted the original H100i Icons (those that read zero) and moved the new Icons to their proper location. Saved the Profile, Rebooted, and Corsair LINK opened and operates perfect.


I am also still running AI Suite Monitor and Phoebetria without any problem.


I have had Corsair LINK "Stop Responding" one time in the past 22 hours. My solution to this is to run the "Restart On Crash" (FREEWARE) program in the background set to monitor Corsair LINK. If Corsair LINK crashes or stops responding, Restart On Crash is setup to run a Batch File which uses Taskkill to end the CorsairLINK Hardware Monitor process, and then restart Corsair LINK. This ensures that Corsair LINK remains running while I'm away from the computer. I have not had another "Not Responding" incident in the past 10 hours.


I am running Corsair LINK Version 2.4.5065

FIRMWARE Versions are as follows:

Corsair Hydro USB - 2.0.0

Corsair H100i - 1.0.5

Corsair Commander 2 - 2.0.6

Corsair Code - 1.2.5

Corsair Lighting Node - 1.1.9

AX860i - No Version Listed



As an aside, I'm also running "STARTISBACK", which is a utility that makes either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 look like Windows 7 in that you can configure Windows 8/8.1 to boot to the Desktop Screen, AND it provides a "START" button in the lower left corner of the Desktop with the same options as we had in Windows 7. STARTISBACK is a "free for 30 days" program that costs a whopping $3 after the 30 days to obtain a license for 2 computers.


So I will continue to read the rants, and be grateful that I have a fully operational Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit System running Corsair LINK without a hitch.



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