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H100i bad connectors


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Hey guys

Sorry to start somewhat of a rant on only my first post here.

Sometime in august I bought a H100i to replace my Dark Rock Pro. It was rather loud but i learned to live with that. However, one side of 1 of the connector to the pump came lose and 1 pin broke.


No big deal I thought, still had three working fans.

Anyway, a friend wanted me to sell it to him because I really wanted to go with something less noisy again.

Then this happened


The damn solderpoints even broke! And it's not like I forgot to push the thingy on the connector either. The whole thing just came right out:eek:

No possible way for me to get it in either.

I really don't wan't to send it back because then I'd be pc-less and that's pretty hard for an itc student.

Please help me out

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sorry didnt know your location however you can use skype for free calling.

if you get the connecting end out then a cable would suffice.

a replacement would be your best option,,these connectors are so small it would be extremely hard to recrimp/solder

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