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My simple Introduction

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Hi there everyone!


I forgot to introduce myself because I wanted to get my problem to be a non-problem at first.. But I let a long time in between and now I figured, you jerk, you didn't introduce yourself.. So yeah here I go.


My name is Tom van Tilburg,

I am 24 years old and live in the Netherlands (Holland, Pays bas, de lage landen). I am currently studying to be a software developer and plan to route out in game developing (I'm sure though, because there is a much larger demand for software than for games).

I hope to start working soon as free lance webdesigner soon again, because being a poor student isn't like, everything...

I currently live together with my girlfriend Tamara, which I have been with for the past 4 years. We had our ups and down, but I'm sure we can make it if we both go for it (Ofcourse is what we're trying, but everyone knows relationships can be hard to deal with. If it's just friends, family or your girlfriend.. you know how it goes).


I know a lot of people wouldn't give a rats bum about an introduction.


But I wanted to be polite and make up for forgetting to do it at the first place.


I hope you all have a good time and maybe we'll hear from each other again.


Have a wonderful day,



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