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Corsair Vengeance 2000 - Sporadic Loud beeping when playing games


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Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that when I am playing games (specifically Tomb Raider, Dishonored and Splinter Cell: Blacklist), that occasionally my headphones will just start emitting a loud beeping noise. It kind of sounds like the "need charging" noise, but about 50 times louder.


I have tried plugging the headphones back in to the charge cable, the noise persists. I can turn the headphones off, then back on again and the noise persists.


I have found if I close the game, and re-open it, the noise goes away. At least for a while. I can also turn the volume down low, so I can't hear any game noise (but the beeping can still be heard), after a few minutes the noise goes away.


This seems to be sporadic. But happens every couple of days.


I have updated to the latest drivers 2.0.7, but it hasn't resolved the issue.


Any suggestions?



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