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The Bash Box/Corsair 600t

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Ever since i bought this case i dreamed of modding it but one thing lead to another(a game came out and i had to be palying it) So modding got pushed to the back of my priorities,Well after moving and getting a girlfriend i realized i have not been gaming nearly as much but i was still itching to Mod my case so The Bash Box was born.


I have done quite a lot to get to the point im at so here goes nothing.





Drilled out the rivets for the 5.25 drive cage as i have no need for a dvd drive and plan on mounting my fan controller and card reader somewhere else . DUN DUN DUN



I cut out enough room so the fan controller wont hit i was just using the dvd drive as a guide.



Out with the old. A lot of dremmeling and filing and finally it will fit.



In with the new. All i have to do is find a way to affix both of them permanently.



This is a simple switch mod i made to control the bitfenix fans .



And here is the state of things as they are right now. I plan on having LED's around the entire rim of the front bezel and where you can see the two 200mm fans i will have a 400mm radiator , I still am on the fence about if im going to have a 240 or 360 radiator in the top of the case.


Also something you cant see is i have a logisys remote start that i mounted to the back of the case normally it would sit in a PCI slot but i did not want it sticking out there.


This case will be liquid cooled at some point but right now im strictly sticking to modding.

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In the process of updating this post i am waiting on a couple order such as a 400mm radiator and some other odds and ends to make my super top secret reservoir, Hopefully within the next couple days i will be adding some pictures or a video update.
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Sorry guys i have been working on this so heres a couple more pictures and a link to my youtube account where i have been video documenting it.








I apologize for the video quality better quality videos will be forthcoming.


Im waiting on the Maximus 6 Formula to be released i am leaning towards that board for this build. Also i am waiting on a clear side panel from MNPCTECH.com should be here in 3 weeks so yeah that is the state of things so far.

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So i had a bit of a catastrophic failure i managed to destroy the entire front panel of my corsair but in the mean time i have managed to get a new reservoir made up(after having dropped the last one) and so far things seem to be going alright .





Up next comes leak testing which i am probably going to create one of those pond pump bucket and in line water filter systems for the sheer convenience and just to clean out everything.

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