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a couple of days ago I submitted a ticket regarding my defective H100.

I have since then tried to check on the status of the ticket a couple of times, each time I had to request a new password, since I was not given any. After that, each time I logged in with the new password, I was thrown back to a new support ticket page wich was already filled in with my previous info, and which I could then either: "send" or "cancel".

I believe I have clicked "send" two more times, after each time I got a message that the ticket was accepted.


However, I never got any mail confirming anything, and I believe getting back to a filled in submit form is also not the way its supposed to be.


I decided to give it a couple of days rest, so that you wouldnt get spammed by all the sent tickets, and so you people could respond in case the ticked(s) did come through, but I'm getting the feeling something has gone wrong.


I would be glad if I could get any help in this matter:)




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