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HX 1000 Fan not working properly (I think)


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I believe the fan is no longer working properly, I was playing a game today and I heard my cpu fan start to spin fast, which NEVER happens. I ignored it the first time but it happened again not long after so I cleaned it out, dusted fans checked screws and ensured nothing was loose. Left the side of my case off so I could see and I noticed that when my computer started the PSU fan would try to spin but then simply stop.


So I believe the PSU fan is thermal sensitive so i ran prime95 and furmark to really push its limits, I do not have an actual physical tool to check voltages or anything so that was the best I could think of.


So the PSU fan started whirring real fast for a few brief seconds then continued to spin at a much lower rate, so I thought ok it's just me being paranoid so I went back to my game and I heard the PSU fan this time spin up fast again and that NEVER happens either in all the 4+ years I've had it. This was after at least 30 minutes of idling. So I don't really know what to think anymore.


Should I be worried? Anyone have some advice?

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