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Things to do with a 500r


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Okay, so I've had my 500R for a while, and to be honest, I still think its as great now as it was when I purchased it.


However, the time has come to make a few changes, and of course, that means the case fans, which as we know, are proprietary and thus, annoying.


My plan is, to replace the front two fans, with a couple of spare fans that I have laying around, and I'm removing the side fan altogether, easy enough so far right?


Here's the kicker, I was thinking about the little fan controller, and while its not the best in the world, it has its uses, first of all, the LED switch, which I think can be converted to also work as a toggle for case mounted LED strips.


So, I am pretty sure that I've got the pins worked out, I think that the built in controller, has the following for the pins to the existing fans.


Pin 1 = +LEDv

Pin 2 = +Fanv

Pin 3 = GRND


Would be nice though to have some confirmation.

Ultimately, my plan would be to replace the proprietary connectors, with standard three pin connections, two set up to provide power to the new front fans, and the third, to power just my LED strips via the switch on the front.


Am I crazy, or would this work?

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Okay, so this morning, with a little bit of work (not that much really), I threw together a short extension wire, that went from the three pin plug (taken from the side fan) to a two pin plug (from my led strip). The wiring itself was quite simple, just take pins 1&3 from the three pin plug, and ignore pin 2.


And it works, so currently, the fan speed controller still controls the original fans (except the 200mm which is no longer there) and the LED switch, controls the fan LEDs and my LED strip..


A success I would say :)

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I have read several threads with regards to the issue of the proprietary pin connectors for the fan controller on the 500R case. I have bought two of these cases because I really like building in them. When I did the first build for someone else, I left the original Corsair fans in the front of the case, so I didn't know this was going to be an issue.


My newest build, I wanted a green motif, so I bought two AeroCool Shark Evil Green fans to replace the front 120mm fans as well as a 140mm for the top. During the build I discovered the proprietary pin connectors. Now I have two fans I can't connect to the fan and LED controllers.


Apparently, Corsair can do nothing about this rather inane situation. I am a novice builder, and I'm not really that familiar with re-wiring things. Can someone tell me if there is at least an adapter or something I can buy to resolve this problem? I know I can just plug them into the motherboard, but I really would like to use the controller if I want to turn off the LED's occasionally. Why on earth would Corsair not just make these standard 3 pin connectors?

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