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SP2500 Crossover


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Is the crossover point digitally controlled or is that a physical crossover (between sub and satellites)?


I've had these SP2500s for several days and have been running them constantly to break them in - sound has improved a bit, but there is still a perceivable gap in the audio in the lower end. I mean the audible separation between the subs and satellites is distracting.


The sub's range seems to reach a little high - I can quickly pinpoint it as a separate source while listening to any full range material no matter where I place it. Basically under the "coffee table / desk" is my best solution to lower separation, though I can still clearly hear the separation.


In the system's current state, I am really starting to regret this purchase. I have little doubt a lower crossover point would solve this.


- Could this be done with a firmware update in the near future, or is the x-over point hardware-based?


- If it is digitally controlled, perhaps you could have it so that at low to medium volumes the x-over point lowers and at high volumes it goes back to its current state to protect the satellites' woofers.

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