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SierraService.exe and Hard Drive :confused:


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Hi everyone,


I recently installed Corsair Link and search on the forum every problem I encountered, here now nobody talks about this one apart is that it normal.


ALL seconds, the service "SierraService.exe" searches on the hard disk, is hard to hear my HD scratch every second during the silences, that stress me :shootme:, then, is this normal or is there a conflict somewhere?


Thanks you, and sry if my english was not perfect :sigh!:

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the newest version of link software should have fixed all the logging issues related to the post you have linked wytnyt, or as least as far as i know. (no longer need the work arounds or manual editing to stop the events and loggings)


he might be having the same issue im having of hdd activity regardless of winring0x64 event logging fix or the logs in appdata fix.


i hear hdd sound when sierraservice is running too, it's pretty much every second.

not much people seem to have this, OP is the only other person besides me who has mentioned it

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I tried to follow that met Holton 0289, I reinstalled the software without antivirus but it has not solved the problem, and I have no monitoring software service launch or even installed and I have the latest version of the CorsairLink2 software.


When I stop the service manually everything is calm as his should be, set apart as the Corsair commander does not receive any more information from the MB. ( BTW I thought the system worked independently )


Apart from that, I also noticed that in the software, there is no information on the use of processor cores " No data to plot", the temperature of the disk drives are false and are in Celsius and finally the temperature AMDTemp1 show the temperature of the core 1 only.

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yep, the cpu tab was broken in this build of software, the last build worked.


the disk temps are not working as intended, some will be correct, some will not, i have 2 drives that read correctly, and the other 3 does not.


and yeah, same here stopping the service will stop the constant hard drive activity.

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This is NOT ok behavior!

Ok. I have some old harddisks, but after install of this software one of my disks fails to be registered anymore... (Wonder is Link did this?)

The constant hdd activity on my second mechanical had me close to buy a new disk because I thought that too was failing!


So now I 'killed' the Sierra service and put it to manual and my rig is again silent :sigh!:

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