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messy case to clean carbide 500R white

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from this ugly mess



to this



then after that to this



my second card goes in next week after i get more fluid,

since the case couldnt hold a long radiator with 3x 120's

i got a second radiator for the back.


my first time water-cooling a PC so dont hate lol

the loop order i did was


reservoir -> 240 radiator -> cpu -> 120 radiator -> videocards

then back around again i was only going to use 1 radiator but did

this for the hell of it :)


my hoses are lengthy so i can pull my reservoir forward to the front

to refill easyer, and also have quick disconnects on the videocard.

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yea im proud of it, i could have done better but did not want to spend a fortune on connectors to reduce

tubing for a far cleaner look, but i actually like the tubes all over otherwise its pointless to even have

UV tubing if your not going to take advantage of it as much :p


only thing im dissapointed about is the temp drop, cpu temp is no different then it was

when i was using the corsair h50, but on the plus side its nice not hearing a hairdryer

in my case anymore from videocards when gaming.

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