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H100 speed control


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I originally bought the H80 and it worked well, but at mid and full speeds the thing sounded like a plane taking off. So when my store had the H100 on sale I exchanged it for for the H100 (knowing it's the same fans but at least it should make my cpu cooler by another 3-4 degrees).


Doesn't the H100 fan control button work the same way as the H80? I see the light changes but the speed doesn't. I hear no difference regardless of what speed I pick. Also, I noticed there are I think 4 inputs if I remember correctly on it. I assume the two extra are for additional fans to plug into (not sure why as the mobo would have that) but does it matter which slot on the cooler I plug the fan cables to?


I think I'm going to have to return this. Being a pain in the ****!

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