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Vengence 1500 - Mic problems :(


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Well I tried my mic tonight with l4d2 for the first time and dammit!


First thing is that there was a terrible ... terrible buzzing sound every time I talked. I found a post on this forum (same problem but with the HS1A) that suggested I turn on "low frequency protection" and "Loudness Equalization." I turned on just Low frequency protection. This got rid of the buzzing noise. But, why should I have to turn on that setting it should work without turning on that setting.


Now he said he can hear my game audio that is coming out of my headset through my mic! I don't understand. How is that even possible? No matter the microphone volume ... he could still hear my game audio. He said it was like I was playing the game out of my regular speakers and not my headset (which I wasn't).


Doesn't this mic have noise cancellation? They should just hear my voice and that's it. Obviously l4d is an open mic ... but it shouldn't be picking up the headset audio - especially if the mic is noise canceling.


Please advise!!!!


I know they are cloth ear cups ... but really? I hope there is a solution for this.

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