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H80 not making full contact


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Let me start by asking if a H80 will even work with a MSI P67a-C43 board? I finished installing my block last night but there were a few concerns I had. 1 installing the back piece for the block the screws were not tight against the board I'm guessing the board is a bit thinner then normal. Is there a way to address this issue? Anyway I'm trying to trouble shoot the issue now with how the memory sits on this board we had to mount the unit side ways and when we screwed it down all the way and ran a test boot temps spiked to 78C. I shut down real quick and removed the block to notice only the right side was even pressing on the paste. I attempted a couple different ways to bolt it down but got the same issue every time. I ended up sticking the stock fan for the I5 on it just to get it running correctly. If anyone knows how to deal with this issue I'd be greatly thankful as a game release next week that I was hoping to have this ready for :(
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It sounds like you have the thin mother board issue that has been reported in this forum occasionally. That can be fixed easily, but will require some work.


You'll need to remove the H80's backplate from your board. The fix involves adding some washers or spacers between the four mounting nuts on the backplate, to compensate for the thinness of your board. Rather than simply describe this, check this thread which has pictures and discussion on how this is done:




If the link does not appear right away, the post is titled "H60 backplate", and is on the second page of this forum. The third page of that thread contains the pictures and the most relevant discussion on fixing this issue.


Let us know how it goes, or post here with more questions.

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