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AX850 all usb devices disconnect/reconnect on wake + coil whine


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I am on my 2nd Corsair AX850 bought at Amazon a few days ago. First one had VERY loud coil whine, audible in the next room, the second one also has coil whine although not nearly as loud, and in the same situation, 3D games menus mostly (low load I assume).


More interesting is that with this second AX850, when I wake the computer from sleep, it disconnects all usb devices, mouse, keyboard, and all other usb devices. With my old PSU (******** Fatality) and even with the first AX850 I had, it did not do this.


Thanks for any help


System Specs

i7 2600K

asus deluxe p8p67

Sapphire 6870 1 gig

Windows 7 64 bit

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