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Additional Fan Filters for the 400R


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I just bought myself the Carbide 400R as part of a new build. Because of the extensive airflow (ie: additional large fan grills on top and side) I'd like to fit them with magnetic air filters (DEMCifilters if possible). I've been trying to find the dimensions of the 400R's top and side filter grills to determine if the following magnetic filters will work, or if I would need to order a custom cut.


Has anyone who owns a 400R tried these, or someone that is familiar with the dimensions know if they will fit properly? I'm assuming that the filters are only needed for intakes, so I'd likely only need on for the side of the case.


DEMCifilters Dual 140mm (designed for a different case brand): Link


DEMCifilters Corsair 650D Top Filter Link


DEMCifilters Dual 120mm Filter Link

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Can't wait to see how they look. The company got back to me in one day with a quote, they are pretty affordable for a custom made product.


I'm thinking of putting a couple of these fans as a top exhaust and a side intake:

Promlimatech PRO-BV14


Did you put 2 fans in the top and 2 on the side? I also own 3 Scythe Slip Stream 120mm and a Scythe S-Flex that I could use.

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