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Just received my Vengeance 1500


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Fedex just delivered my Vengeance 1500 which I got at a cracking price, as I thought I would try them out and compare them to my G930's.



I have to say that initial listening so far is a little disappointing :(. I'm not here to troll, and I'll try and be as constructive as I can so you guys may be able to point out if I'm doing anything wrong or can do something to improve the experience.


The Good/Great


* Aesthetics and comfort, the 1500's absolutely excel. They look awesome, and putting them on I would have to say they are probably by far the most comfortable PC headset I have ever worn. I could easily wear them for hours and hours on end without any problems.


* Mids/Highs, sound fantastic, they come through very crisp and clean, with no distortion or horrid crackling.


* Build Quality is awesome, very strudy headset with high quality materials it feels throughout.



The not so great


* Bass... Or lack of it... I was under the impression that these 50mm drivers would aid in providing thunderous bass with no distortion. Well there's no distortion, but that's because the bass, at least to me seems to be lacking big time. I've tried the various EQ settings in the control Panel, and even replicated the EQ settings I use on my AV receiver, my Soundcard for when Im listening on speakers and also my G930's. The bass on the 1500's just seems to be seriously underwhelming and completely overshadowed by the mids and highs which results in the sound feeling very tinny.


When playing on my G930's the explosions are seriously intense, and incredibly immersive as a result. But with the 1500's in comparison, feel a lot less so. I don't know if the headset needs a little breaking in or not, maybe someone can enlighten me as to where I might be going wrong?


See below for my current EQ settings, which are what I've set it to in order to come as close to the level of sound quality I get from my G930's but still woefully short on the the bass.




My G930 EQ Settings:






* Volume, with the volume maxed out on the 1500's was quite low. I am used to having my headphones quite loud, not deafening loud but quite loud, especially in games, it allows me to really get into it. I found I actually had to max out the sound in BF3's menu in order to get the level to a satisfactory level. <---- Fixed after I shifted the virtual speakers around so they were pretty much on top of the virtual head:






* 7.1 shifter - One of the most annoying systems I've ever seen... In order to adjust the +/- db level for each virtual speaker, I have to manually drag them closer to the virtual head? Which by doing so, can cause the virtual speakers to be misplaced and not be in their optimal area to provide correct sound positioning?


Who thought of that? What would be so difficult in just having a +/- sign next to each virtual speaker to allow for nice simple volume adjustment? Why would ANYBODY want to rotate their virtual speaker positioning when using a headset :confused: ?



I really really want to keep this headset, as I could use a good high quality Wired headset to take with me whenever I goto LAN's or whatever. Am I missing something here? Should I tweak something? Or are these just not up to the expectations *I* was hoping for (to at the very least match the superb sound quality I get from my G930's).


thanks for reading and I look forward to people's feedback.

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I'd find that easier to believe if i hadn't read a lot of posts saying the exact same thing about the 1300s.


Not to mention the g930s don't have any problems outputting far superior bass and equally good highs and miss AND be a wireless headset.


Unfortunately i just feel corsair mauly have missed something with these. I went with these over the 1300 because of build quality and to not have to keep reaching around the back of my PC to change to speakers when i wanted to.

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Please tell me this isn't true!?!


After many months of strugling with my Logitech G35's (Logitech LGS software ruined the sound - makes sound very muffled and bad. Also, noise canceling no longer works on my mic). I have decided to sell my Logitech G35's on ebay.


I was hoping to pick the corsair 1500's up ... because of corsair quality, wanted a comfortable headset (g35's hurt after 30 minutes), and for a headset that actually worked.


So the bass is non existant? Dammit I wonder what headset I should consider. I need a USB one cuz my sound card is just integrated audio from realtek.




Also, how do you know how to manually tweak your audio like that? lol I would always just use dolby with my g35.

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