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Obsidian 800D or 650D


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:confused:need a new case, my choices


Corsair 650D------ $189.00 free ship

Corsair 800D-------$234.00 free ship


Would I get more for the $ getting the 800D


Need opinions! Please


Don't want to water-cool at first but may want to later!


ASUS Rampage 67P

i5 core 2500K

8-16 GIG corsair dominator

corsair H100 cpu cooler

corsair HX or AX 850 PSU


nvidia 560ti or AMD 6950

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For me it was hard to choose between the 800D and the 650D too. The 650D is big for a mid tower and has plenty of room. I only needed 1 hot swap and the 650D has that. In the future I will go for watercooling and want to be able to mount a 240 Radiator at the top. It can handle the big graphics cards and drivebays can be removed and reconfigured.


The downside is that my 650D is noisy. Corsair is sending me Fan kit fix. I hope Corsair solved this for cases that are manufactured now. Next to that it doesn't come with a USB3 header. You have to purchase something like this:




I hope this helps you to decide. If I were you I would also check out this thread:



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