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Force GT 60GB and WinXP


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Hi everybody, 1st post here.


Little background:


A week ago a bought this ForceGT drive. I have absolutely no BSODs, no instabilities, no nothing. It's perfectly solid. FW was wflashed to 1.3.3 only for curiosity, and again - no nothing.


Problem is in Windows7. I just can't use it. Some of my software needs XP, some of drivers needs it. I installed Win7 first time, with new drive. Now, after this week, system looks like one-man-orchestra man on a single wheeled bike.



What i have to do, is to get back to XP. Now i know, that i have to create aligned partition (will use GEParted from UBCD). Is it sufficient just to set:


Partition offset: 4194304

Allocation unit size: 4 kBytes


My specs:


MSI 890GXM, Corsair VX550, Phenom 955.

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