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Update to 2.4 not working? Drive not detected? -> Here´s how it ALWAYS worked for me!


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Hi all,


as a "victim" of the sleep/hibernate problem i had the pleasure of updating Corsair SSDs to 2.4 in quite a few different systems.

"Different systems" in this case meaning: LENOVO & DELL laptops with F240 & F120 installed, running Win7x86 or x64, a variety of AHCI drivers, Bios versions, etc.


Just running the update tool didn´t work in any combination mentioned above. Even going back to the MS AHCI 1.0 driver didn´t help as the tool NEVER detected an update-worthy drive (all drives on FW 2.0).


Here´s what did the trick:


- updated the boxes Bioses to the newest version

- installed the latest INTEL RST (AHCI driver V10.6.0.1002)

- fixed occasionally existing :!: in device manager

- ... no need to mention: AHCI enabled in Bios

- started Win7 in "Safe Mode" (no network)

- started update tool with "Corsair2.4.pkg" update package from local drive


Voilá! All drives immediately updated to V2.4! "F8" is your friend! :biggrin:


As a side note: none of the drives had any data loss, slightly better performance when starting applications and since the update 2 days ago no sleep/hibernate issues. Well, only time will tell but i´m a very happy customer!


@Yellowbeard: not wanna ride a dead horse here but a change log for V2.4 would be an exceptionally nice thing to have!




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