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Groundloop mic HS1


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Today my HS1 got in with the post. I am pretty happy with it apart from one thing and i have seen many other ppl having a problem with it as well and that is the Microphone humming. After looking around on the internet i saw that this sometimes has to do with ground looping, i dont know exactly what it is but i seems this happening to me. The reason i think its groundlooping is because when i touch something of metal on the laptop and put my foot on the ground most of the humming goes away. Right now i am using a laptop and i am still waiting for my new pc which will arrive in a week or so. I am hoping it wont happen on the pc, but if it does, what is the safest way to solve this issue?





PS: Sry if my English is a bit messy, its not my native tongue.

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