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My Force 3 SSD Performance


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Ok so i bought a Force 3 120GB SSD 2 days ago and to my best knowledge i have it correctly setup. It is running smoothly and stable and hasn't shown any sign of problems.


My concern is tho is from the speed test i performed.




It peaks from 190MB/s to max 290MB/s. Now i got a SSD for the amazing performance said they obtain at 500MB/s.


After looking around some i noticed that they perform best in AHCI mode, so i went into my BIOS to check what it was set as, and found it is already set in AHCI mode.



As you can see its in AHCI mode and the drive is running on a 6GB/s port.


But now is where i think i have a problem, when i look up the SSD drive information, you can see it says 'Interface Type - IDE'. Now im sure this should be saying ACHI, shouldn't it?




So i guess my questions are:

1)Is there something wrong with my setup?

2)Is there anything i can do to increase the SSD's performance?

3)How do i get the drive in AHCI mode using a P8P67 PRO Motherboard?


Any help / advise would be greatly appreciated.



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OMGosh, did ASUS shoot themselves in the foot with that one! Reminds me of their UEFI update for my P67 board that magically dropped my CPU temps by 10 degrees C. I can imagine all the posts on their forum about IDE mode and low SSD speeds.


OTOH, as you can see with ATTO, the speed of any SSD varies with the size of the files being transferred. That is normal, but when things like this ASUS program uses one transfer size, or is an overall average (who knows), the one number fits all crowd won't be happy.


I hope this won't be the start of a wave of posts from owners of this board.


BTW, your SSD is fine, try AS SSD to verify your SATA mode, which I am sure is fine anyway.

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