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Force Series GT 60GB Raid 0 and TRIM


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Hello all. I recently built a rig using the specs listened in my profile and I'm trying to make sure everything is properly configured. Doing some research I found that TRIM doesn't pass through the RAID controller, but if you leave your computer at the login for an hour or two every few nights the Garbage Collection algorithm(?) will achieve the same result: no degredation in read/write speeds over time. Is this correct? Also, my active partition would be best configured as a dynamic disk using GPT. Let me know what you all think - I'm new to these forums but I will be around for awhile!
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it does the garbage collection, but without trim you will loose preformance in the long run.

you can compensate the loss by doing a secure erase and a clean install and repeat this procedure.


better is not to build a raid-0.

i build one myself and compared it in daily life computering with a normal setup.

the normal setup consists of 1 disk for the OS and 1 disk for data and files.


i experienced that the normal setup is faster: is boots quicker and the loading of data is not slower than with raid-0.




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i was planning on moving all of my user documents etc. on my sata 3 barracuda hdd, and the benefit is using raid 0 and getting combined read/write speeds of ~ 1Gb/s... that is the benefit for me. my computer already boots in 10s and programs run instantaneously, i was looking more to improving transfer rates.


but also i was wondering if i could convert my boot drive (force series gt 60Gb) from a basic to a dynamic disk and then change the partition to use a GUID Partition Table (GPT) instead of MBR. i wasn't sure if you could convert the boot drive to be dynamic, or if you could have a GPT on your boot drive with a SSD. thanks -

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