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Defective H60? only a click, click on the pump every few seconds


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So I got a H60 for my Phenom II X4 955 black edition on a gigabyte 880G board and got everytihng installed. I booted in to windows and quickly seen my idle temps hitting 80c.I tried tightening down the block some more with a screw driver because I only tightened them as tight as I could with my thumbs. Didnt tighten much more so I thought ok thats odd pulled it all out of my system and ran the H60 on a stand alone 12V power supply.


When I put the side of the pump that has the logo directly on my ear I can only hear a slight click, click...then a couple seconds go by and another click, click, few seconds and so on.


I tried reseating everyhting again and re applyign thermal paste and again same results. one hose seems to be very warm on the block.


Thinking ok maybe it is the temp monitoring software lets test with a stock AMD cooler.... and my temps were at 32c idle.....


Trying to figure out if I should take this back and exchange it, or RMA it, or try somehting else.


The h60 is mounted in a HTPC case so the radiator is sitting in a different orientation than tower cases.



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The best way to check the pump is to connect it's power connector to a mother board fan header, that is not controlled by fan speed software. The pump's speed should be ~4200 - ~4400 RPM. It sounds like the pump is not working as it should be, but you should verify correct power to the pump and it's speed before deciding the pump is bad.


An issue I see with your configuration is that a fan is not directly connected to the radiator. That is really essential. Is the fan directly above the radiator in your pic pushing or pulling air through the radiator? You might not think not having a fan directly on the radiator would affect the cooling as much as you are experiencing, but it most likely is, but I think something else is causing it too.


Check that pump, but your non-standard radiator and fan configuration is likely your major issue.

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And just to say this as well....I did also try turning the case sideways to put in a tower type layout and it didnt help at all (making sure it wasnt an issue with lines being lower than the pump or etc)


Fan is pushing air in to the case through the radiator, I sealed around the edges of the fans with foam to make sure air doesnt escape. There is a grill inbetween the fan and the radiatior but I doubt the small gap would cause a 45c+ diffrence on idle temps.


I figured with the pump I would hear a small hum going kinda like the H100 I have, but nothing just the very faint...click, click........... click, click............


The power source I used (for testing outside the case) was a benchtop variable power supply set to 12V. In the PC I tried both a molex to 3 pin power adapter and the on board system fan header, neither made a bit of diffrence there. The on board system fan header reads 0 RPM when the pump is connected to it, so that may be the answer right there.


At this point I pretty much amd just goign to exchange it for another.

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