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HX850W 5 amps or 13 amps


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I live in the UK and I have just moved house and all my power cables have got mixed up. I was hoping someone could help.


I have a HX 850 w power supply and I am not sure which power cable I should use.


I have either a 5 amp fuse or 13 amp fuse power cable that will fit the power supply.


If anyone can tell me if I should use a 5 amp fuse or 13 amp fuse cable that would be much appreciated.


I checked the user manual but it is not mentioned.



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You should use the 13 amp fused cable if you have 110V AC in your area. It's interesting to note that at 110V the PS will draw ~8 amps maximum, but at 220V it would draw ~4 amps maximum. The same amount of power in watts flows through the cable, 880W. Do you know what the voltage rating of the 5 amp fused cable is? If it is 220V or more, and if you have 220V power in your new area, then you could use that cable, I believe.
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