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Vengeance 1500 headset drivers cause very bad artifacts with GTX 480


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I really hope I can get this fixed. The audio on the headset sounds great with the drivers installed and configured but they cause my 480s to produce visual anomalies. Is there a known solution for this problem?


It took me forever to figure out they were the cause. I thought my graphics cards had gone bad at first. Reinstalled my graphics drivers multiple times, used multiple versions, still had the problems. Reinstalled graphics drivers again after using driver sweeper in safe mode, still same problem. Try uninstalling Corsair USB Headset drivers. Problem disappears.


I really just want to keep them and get this issue resolved.

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I have a Radeon 5850. I have no such issues. Are you overclocking your GPU by ANY amount at all? You would not believe how many issues are resolved by just forcing the drivers to stock settings and rebooting.


I do not doubt you are having this problem. I just cannot see how a USB device of any sort could cause that. I have not heard of anything even similar.


The closest thing I know of is an issue with the Microphone somehow being effected when a person touches the case of their PC. This implies a ground fault, but I cannot duplicate it on my system.


If you do not mind, could you set your GPU to defaults via the Nvidia control panel and restart and see if the problem continues?


If it does, we may still be able to get it fixed, but this is a bit out of my specialty. I will gladly help as much as I can though.

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the gpus have never been overclocked, thank you for your reply :) i want these to work without artifacts so badly!


now that i have uninstalled and reinstalled the corsair drivers multiple times with various nvidia drivers the artifacts are not going away. but there is no doubt they were coming and going before as i installed and uninstalled them. i may have to reinstall windows now....

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Alright. What is the GPU temperature while it is showing artifacts? I presume you already have proper ventilation, but I am just covering all bases.


Is there a clear pattern to the artifacts? Like something that looks like a wave moving across the image?


It sounds like a reinstall is the only hope to get things back to a reasonable place where you can possibly get everything working again. Sadly this is not uncommon with GPU drivers.


I figure every six months is about how long I have before a regularly updated GPU driver steps all over Windows drivers and makes it impossible to get things working again.


When you have it up and running again, I would be very interested in learning if it all works again. (And if you have the grounding issue I described above too.)


In the meantime, I doubt there is much I can do. But I wish you luck!

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