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BSOD when cloning from Force to Force 3


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Anyone have recommendations for cloning a Force 60Gb drive with Win7 64 Ultimate to a Force 3 120 Gb (1124..) drive? Using Acronis Home Image and I can´t get the clone to run at all. The old Force have been running on SATA III (AHCI) without problems for a long time.

Performed steps:

1) Placed both drives on Marvell SATA II (AHCI).

2) Cloned it. No errors. Only used the standard settings for cloning and expanded the partition proportionally from 60Gb to 120Gb (also standard feature of Acronis) during the cloning process.

3) Restarted. Now with the 120Gb clone on SATA III with 6Gb cables that came with my Rampage III Extreme. Removed the 60Gb drive.

4) Acronis said it completed ok but then BSOD after looong wait and after the Windows screen (KERNEL-POWER).


I´ve followed the forum about the Force 3 120Gb issues but I would like to confirm if it is the cloning or the drive that is failing. How to?? Any suggestions? Should I leave both drives on SATA II at first restart (Acronis states that I can remove the old drive) and after that remove the old one and move the new to the Marvell 9128 SATA III?

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