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Very Slow CSSD-F120GB3-BK


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Hello Everyone,


I Recently Bought an Force 3 Series and the specifications are not even nearing 300 mb/s write and read.


Serial Number is : 1124xxxxxx So I made sure I did not buy a faulty HDD.


I Tried Various things. When i connect my SSD onto Sata 3 in AHCI mode it gets the following results :




As far as i Know this is far below the specifications.


So I figured alright i'll see what happens when I try and put it in the Sata 2 Slot.


The Results where quite shocking. It seemed to go faster then in Sata 3!




So i started looking around a bit on the Forum and I could not really find any similar problems.





So my Question is there anything wrong with my Motherboard or is this a problem with my SSD? I ordered it a while ago and during the order it got shipped back. So when I finally got this and the performance was far below specified you can see my disappointment. Is there anything i can do?




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