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500R internal clearance for air cpu cooler?


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*points at the title* I'm wanting to know how much space there is inside the 500R between the motherboard and side mount fan for an air cooler. Since this case is not as wide as the 600T, my original plans for the 600T may not work with this case if I decide to go with the 500R instead.


Also, am I correct in assuming the carbide series cases do not come with air filters built in? I've seen and heard nothing to indicate they have them, but I'd like to know for sure before I make my decision to either wait for the 500R or go ahead and get the white 600T.

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The carbide cases are not as big as the graphite cases. The side panel behind the motherboard tray bulges out to allow room for cable management, that was stated in one of the video's I saw, and if the frame of these cases were as wide as the Graphite cases I dont think that would be neccessary.

This indicates, to me anyway, that this series of cases are not as roomy as the graphite series, but that's nothing to be surprised about as they are after all a budget series. I'm inclined to believe that the 8.1" width of the Carbide cases is the measurement without the panels taken into account and as that is the functional space it is the most accurate measurement.


As Dazz stated, the 200mm (probably even a top mounted 120/140mm fan) would likely get in the way of the taller coolers, but this would include Corsair's own A70 and A50; despite their having 120mm fans, the heatsinks themselves stand 159.5mm tall, just a .5mm shorter than the Silver Arrow Dazz mentioned.


But I'd still like to know... what is the actual clearance between the motherboard and the 200mm fan for a cpu heatsink? Or just the motherboard and the side panel itself? Some case manufacturers provide this information for their customers, I dont know why all case manufacturers dont do this as it would save a lot of time and potential hassle for system builders with compatibility, returns, etc.


Edit: I just want to clarify something. By top mounted I am not refering to the top fan locations on the case itself. I am refering to the side panel only, where you can mount 2 fans either 120 or 140 in place of the 200mm fan with 1 above the other. Appologies for any possible confusion.

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